Thursday, May 15, 2014

Online Watercolor Class for Cardmakers Day 5

Love Love Love these techniques. the first by Jen Rzasa Using Inktense pencils. I adore my Inktense Pencils and just love colouring in. so this card was really fun to do. I was quite proud of my building shadows too!!

This next technique using water colour paints, by the incredibly talented Swarup Murthy, is absolutely amazing and although my first attempt wasn't too bad, you must take a look at her work.

And last but never least is the wonderful Shari Carroll. This simple card used Distress Inks. They are so good to work with.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Online Watercolor Class for Cardmakers Day 4

Whoops I am falling behind.. I am so loving learning these watercolour techniques.
This first one by Yana Smakula is done with Ink sprays

The following two cards are  a technique shown by Shari Carroll. I think this if my favourite so far.
This first is done using Distress Markers so easy and so pretty.

This next card is done the same way, only using Gelatos. I love them both.

This last one was a technique using Distress Inks and a pencil eraser ... amazing, well Julie Ebersole's
card was mine is not quite there, but not a bad effort

Monday, May 12, 2014

Online Watercolor Class for Cardmakers Day 3

Boy Struggled big time with these techniques, I would like to lay part of the blame on the water colour paper I am using? I need to get some more Tim Holtz Watercolor cardstock, Or maybe I think I need to practise a lot more still you gotta start somewhere, and these are my first attempts.

The first technique by Jennifer Rzasa was a Basic Stamping with Watercolor technique

The next technique was an absolutely brilliant one that Kristina Werner learnt at CHA using stamps specifically designed for water colouring. This was probably the easiest technique from day 3 for me, but there is still a lot more practising to go!!!!

The last technique from Jennifer Maguire called Creative Watercolor Stamping looks amazing, when Jen did it of course. This is one I think really let me down, a combination of wrong stamp and not good quality watercolour paper?
Regardless of how successful my first attempts have been, I am thoroughly enjoying this class

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Online Watercolor Class for Cardmakers Day 2

The only card I couldn't attempt was Jennifer Maguire's Wet Cement/Friskit  technique, but I absolutely love it. as soon as I get my Friskit I'll be giving it a go for sure.
My first card was the soft wash background using watercolour pencils.

the next technique by Debby Hughes is the Watercolour Background Stamping. this is one I have used before, and I love it. I used Distress Ink in Evergreen Bough
Day two done and almost dusted.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Online Watercolor Class for Cardmakers Day 1

Another class, another challenge. for the first time I have tried all three techniques from day 1. Jennifer Rzasa, used traditional water colour paints and a stencil which I thought would be easy, but mine just didn't look quite like Jennifers. One I will have to keep practising, not the stencil part, more making the water colour look like clouds.

The next  technique by the very bubbly Laura bassen used acrylic blocks and distress ink pads
I love this look.

The last technique was the wonderful Kristina Werner and the Stamped Embossed resist technique
I am really happy with the way this one turned out, probably still not water colour washed enough but not too bad.

well that's it for day one.