Thursday, May 2, 2013

His & Hers Online Class Day 1

Here we go again. Just love these Online classes. Watching the videos, it looks so easy, you know a 5 minute card, but boy did I struggle to get lines straight and keep the card clean. I failed miserably. I smeared ink on one card that was on the side of my little finger. Then when trying out my new Green Distress Paint, I squeezed too hard and paint went everywhere, including over the new card I had just made. any way I salvaged what I could.
These two card creations (I am counting the Male and Female card from each technique as one) were based on the "same sketch" technique as shown by Kristina Werner, and the Masked border Technique as show by Jennifer Maguire

The above Technique was taught by kristina.

The Masked Border Technique as shown by Jennifer Maguire. Don't look too close, you will see where the ink on my finger smudged the card. DOH!!!!

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